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Jessica St. Clair Trio to Play at the Guitar Fest


The St. Clair Trio is made up of 3 local, experienced musicians. Jessica St. Clair, Jeff Bowles and  Joe Huffman.  They met in 2009, while playing an Equine Therapy benefit for Jessie's Dad at his horse ranch in Chaptico, MD. The three got together, ever so often, for a few years after that, jumping into last minute throw together gigs and finally getting together to form St. Clair in 2015

For the Jessica St. Clair Trio, Joe Huffman plays lead guitar  and provides backing harmony vocals. Jeff plays rhythm guitar  and provides lead and backing harmonies. The Jessica St Clair Trio will be playing a combination of classic rock, country and western, a little this, a little that. The goals of St. Clair are to combine their multi-faceted musical talents; Joe's natural guitar talent and flair with Jessie and Jeff's trained vocals into a tight harmony of music that will be familiar to their audiences, while still integrating their individual styles and sounds.

Dylan Galvin, he will be the featured opening act at the Guitar Fest

Dylan Galvin, he will be the featured opening act just before headliner Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, at the 5th Annual Guitar Festival on 11 March at 5 South Event Center in Callaway MD.

Dylan Galvin is one of the most exciting and talented performers in the Maryland and DC area. His soulful, somewhat bluesy style not only works for his own songs, but puts a fresh spin on classic covers as well..   Dylan Galvin is Berklee College of Music grad with a degree in songwriting and performing. He has worked with Paul Simon, John Mayer and Joe Satriani, played from LA to Boston, Key West

Dylan Galvin’s interest in music can be traced back to the day he was born. His father Mike Galvin, who was a musician himself, named him after the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. He grew up in Calvert County.

“Music is not just a means of entertainment for me, it is a way of communicating and delivering a message with meaning,” Galvin said. His ultimate goal is to “connect.” Every day he works to personally connect and share his message with people. Galvin wrote in his biography that summarizes his core message. “I want people to able to experience the joy of stories like the ones that intrigued my young mind into the world of music.” (For more information about Dylan, visit dylangalvin.com/)

Brandon Aksteter to Perform for the Guitar Concert at the 5th Annual Guitar Festival

Brandon Aksteter will be one of the opening acts of the 5th Annual Guitar Festival.

Brandon started playing guitar at age 11 in Maryland.  There were two strong influences that attracted him:  70’s rock music and his Dad the “Rock Star”. His dad grew up playing guitar and serving as a roadie for local bands in Minneapolis, MN.  

Now it is 13 years later, over the years he has had some great opportunities to perform in a few bands with high school friends, and he has played at local blues guitar jams hosted by well-known local blues artists like Wolf Crescenze, Waverly Milor, Linwood Taylor, and others.  His style of guitar music is a fusion of Blues, Rock, and Folk.

He plans on performing covers of Bob Dylan and the Lumineers, and he may throw in an original.

Josh Riley to Perform for the Guitar Concert at the 5th Annual Guitar Festival

Josh Riley returns to perform at the 5th Annual Guitar Festival Concert on 11 March at 5 South Event Center in Callaway MD.

His very first performance in front of an audience on guitar, was actually two years ago at the 3rd Annual Guitar Fest. Since then, he as has been signed by a record label, and regularly plays in front of crowds that range between 4,000 and 7,000 people!

In his short tenure as a guitarist, he has played with many artists. He is part of a band called Urban Street Level, and they play in front of thousands of people at numerous christian concerts. He has played with Chuck Hall, who is in the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame and tours Europe and plays blues music during the summers. Lastly of note he has played with P-Funk and the All Stars in DC night clubs, and has played with Phillip Parsons and his band and Michael Damron, Billy Yeager, and Teddi Custer.

When Josh was asked what musicians have influenced the music he plays? His hands down answer is: “B.B. King, the smoothness of his guitar playing, how deep and mellow his tone is, that is what I aspire to be. I will not stop until I get there either.” He definitely considers himself a blues guitarist. He loves finger style blues, such as Keb Mo’.

He is signed by a record label based in Gainesville, FL. He will be singing and playing his first single titled “Music Man” at this year’s guitar fest concert. Music Man is a completely original song, written entirely by Josh. The recorded and produced version of the song will be released this summer on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and radio stations nationwide. He will also play around with some Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, John Mayer songs, and he will throw some Country and Classic Rock in there too.

He says his goal is to “make people smile when they listen to his music”.

David Flood to Perform for the Guitar Concert at the 5th Annual Guitar Festival


David Flood will be opening for the headliner Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer sharing his +40 years of love of the guitar.

David Flood grew up just outside of Annapolis, on the southern shore of the South River. His mother was a trained singer; she was a student at Julliard School of Music at the age of 16.   David was the middle child—being born 10 minutes before his twin in a family of 5.   They all learned to love singing and were a part of school and church choirs well into their teens. They got together with neighborhood kids and sang Christmas carols going door to door.

 David started playing guitar when he was about 19 and focused on learning songs that he liked—lots of Neil Young and The Grateful Dead; then songs by James Taylor, The Eagles, John Prine, Tom Waits and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  At the age of 25,  he was accepted by Saint Mary’s College (SMC ) in the music program with a study as Voice Major.  He met his wife Mary while attending SMC   She still gigs with him off and on, but he is more driven to play---if only to focus on being more aware and understanding of himself and others; music is the great communicator.

  He has been writing songs for over 40 years and presently has 2 CD’s of original songs/music: “First To Hit Ground” and “Circlin’ The Drain”.    The CD’s will be available at the Guitar Festival, Guitar Concert.   He loves to play and sing songs!



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