Power Jam Music Alliance Inc..

Rock Concerts

PJMA organizes many concerts throughout the year at numerous locations in cooperation with various  government, schools and non-profit groups.  The schedule of these events and openings for band booking is given below.  In addition to the rock concerts be sure to check our other events  if you are looking for an event to attend or a band looking to book a concert..

For most concerts there are four slots the set are times are as follows:
1.   7:00 to 7:35  (35 minutes)
      7:35 to 7:50  Break to switch bands (15 minutes)
2.  7:50 to 8:25  (35 minutes)
      8:25 to 8:40  Break to switch bands (15 minutes)
3.   8:40 to 9:15  (35 minutes)
      9:15 to 9:30  Break to switch bands (15 minutes)
4.   9:30 to 10:05  (35 minutes)
       10:05 to 10:20 Break to switch bands (15 minutes)
5.    10:20 to 10:55  (35 minutes)
      (Awards, Announcements and Break down (10:55 to 11:00)

Bands will be notified of the times they are to perform by e-mail.