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07/02/2021 06:00 PM
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07/03/2021 12:00 PM
Guitar Fest 2021

Otherworld is an award-winning contemporary group with a unique style that has wide audience appeal. Otherworld blends jazz, classical, and Middle Eastern influences, played on a mix of acoustic and electric instruments. They perform original compositions with an emphasis on improvisation.

“Otherworld”, the group’s debut recording, won a Global Music Award, placing among the top 10 in the “Album” category from among hundreds of entries worldwide. The album has been featured on NPR affiliate WYPR-FM, Baltimore MD; Jazz Standard Internet Radio, London England UK; the BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network), Boston MA; and WPFW-FM, Washington D.C.’s premiere jazz station, among others. 

Otherworld is pianist Jeffrey Chappell, guitarist Jake Kohlhas, bassist Chris Taylor, and percussionist Jake Marinari. Chappell is Director of Jazz Studies at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. Kohlhas, Taylor, and Marinari are alumni of the college.

The group members share an esthetic vision that unifies their work. Their music features original compositions by all of the musicians. Each song is composed by one person, and then everyone collaborates on putting together the final product.

Jeffrey Chappell has appeared throughout the United States and internationally with major symphony orchestras and at venues including Carnegie Hall. Jake Kohlhas performs with J Pope and Funk Friday, a hip-hop, funk, and soul band; and appears in The Zimnicki Players, a guitar duo with his former teacher Steve Yankee.

Chris Taylor and Jake Marinari have performed throughout North America with the Baltimorebased Soul musician, Bosley. Taylor has also worked with the funk band Jackson On The Prowl. Marinari studied frame drum and darbuka with the world-renowned percussionist Yshai Afterman in Israel.

“Otherworld” can be listened to and downloaded at iTunes and from Amazon (search “otherworld jazz”). “Otherworld” is also available as a CD on Amazon. For more information about Otherworld, please visit http://www.otherworldjazz.com/ .

The goal of the Guitar Fest is to celebrate the love of music that is made with guitars.  The PJMA Guitar Fest is sponsored by a Touring Artist Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.
The fest starts on Friday, July 2nd with performances by The Chesapeake Orchestra at The River Concert Series with Guitar Fest sponsored band Otherworld. 
Then on Staurday 3 July is the Guitar Workshop with Jake Kohlhas the Guitarist for Otherworld.  Time is 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at St. Marys Hall. Bring your guitar!



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